Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mr. Reliable Beard Oil - Unscented 1oz - Review.

I had to review this since my fiance decided to grow a full beard in on me, lol. I have been so use to his clean shaven, high and tight looking head that when his beard started to grow in, I didn't recognize this furry mountain man in front of me. Needless to say it does look wonderful on him, and now I refuse to allow him to shave...BUT, it was so course and scratchy I demanded he do something. So I got him this beard oil to try out. This is totally fragrance free and easily absorbs into his skin. It comes in a glass bottle along with a glass dropper top. All he has to do is apply a couple drops of oil into the palm of his hands, rub them together and rub in to his beard. You are to rub this upwards into your beard and into the skin under the beard. It has made his hair less course and it is also so much softer and more handsome, But hey he is already hot, now just even hotter! This is their product description: Mr. Reliable beard oil and conditioner is a 100% organic, fragrance free beard oil blend of premium essential and carrier oils from trusted sources. Whether you have an honest to goodness Amish beard or you are an urban beardsman this beard oil can improve the level of your beard and moustache. Our beard oil was painstakingly hand crafted right here in the USA and our oil also comes with a handy glass dropper so there is no waste. Keeps your beard looking amazing, tamed, and under control. Stay Manly Indications Complaints from you gal, Dry skin, Itchiness from new beard growth, Beardruff (Dandruff from beard), Coarse beard Ingredients 100% Pure Organic Oils: Almond Oil Hemp Seed Oil Jojoba Oil Grapeseed Oil Argan Oil Vitamin E Directions Using the handy dropper, place 4 to 6 drops of oil into palm. Rub upward into beard and into skin under the beard. Distribute evenly throughout the beard. Comb to style as desired and of course, Stay Manly.

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