Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lunch Bag Hango - Set of Two Sizes (Small &Large) Review.

I really like these two. It comes in a set. One small one large insulated lunch bags. The large can hold a six pack of cans of soda and the smaller you can pack snacks. I like that these come in a dust bag, but the one thing that makes me sad is they said they were pink, I received black ones. I know that is silly, but i love the color pink. BUT even in black these rock. I gave the smaller on to my son for his lunch or snacks, which ever he chooses to pack for the day. I take the large one with me everywhere it hardy leaves my car. Well except to clean it of course. These are just super handy. Even the zippers on them are wonderful quality. Get these,I highly recommend these!!!!! Their product description: Hango - Your Lunch Bag for everywhere. Anytime. The first lunch bag designed for different situations. Here are 5 reasons to choose the Hango as your Lunch Bag: 1. It is a set of TWO SIZES for different occasions. 2. It has THE BEST THERMAL INSULATION SYSTEM - your food is kept longer. 3. Zipper made of stainless steel - much more BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE. 4. High quality material (polyester 300D with high density) and a VERY PRETTY DESIGN. 5. We are the only ones to offer LIFETIME WARRANTY (Order yours now because, literally, THERE IS NO RISK!)

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