Thursday, April 30, 2015

Knife Sharpener From Priority Chef Reviews.

Ok, Who loves a dull, crappy cutting knife??? Any one... Yeah thats what I thought. So you will need this handy dandy knife sharpener. This wonderful knife sharpener from Priority chef will create a concave shaped finish to your knife, giving an extra sharpness that most other sharpeners can't compete with. It really does leave your knives with a super sharp finish, please do be careful. You can just place it on the counter and sharpen away. No mess no fuss. You should NOT use these on serrated or ceramic knives. this is their product description: Not All Knife Sharpeners Are Created Equal! - This Priority Chef knife sharpener is different from the many other knife sharpeners available on the market today. Most sharpeners will create a typical straight 'V' shaped finish. This Priority Chef knife sharpener model PC-KN02 will create a concave shaped finish to your knife, giving an extra sharpness that most other sharpeners can't compete with. Ergonomically Designed Handle and Non Slip Base - The stylish knife sharpener's handle has been designed to fit comfortably when in use allowing you a good firm grip and has a soft, cushioned non-slip base under that stylish steel base! Please Note - This knife sharpener is not suitable for serrated or ceramic knives. 2 Stage Knife Sharpening System - Priority Chef's professionally designed advanced knife sharpener has 2 stages that can transform any straight edged knife to a new level of sharpness that almost any professional chef would be proud of. Stage 1 uses Tungsten carbide blades and should only be used for the dullest of blades. Around 3-4 pulls through this section will prepare your knife shape for the the next step. Stage 2 uses 2 ceramic wheels that will give your knife a high quality finish and a razor like edge.

Dream Dots - Treatment Patches For Breakouts Review.

Dream dots are these amazing dime size patches, which you put on a blemish or pimple. If you get a skin blemish or pimple, simply pop on a dream dot. It will work over night, in the morning it will turn white and you can peel it off. it helps reduce the redness and healing time. Basically it will kick that pimples butt, lol. It will not dry your face out like other acne products. All you do then is just wash your face and go. These are wonderful. Their product description: What is a Dream Dot? A Dream Dot isn’t simply a sticker — it’s a unique super absorbent hydro matrix patch. It targets spots and breakouts overnight using no harsh ingredients, yet gives dramatically effective results. With a 100% waterproof, breathable, satin-smooth, wafer-thin surface, it acts seamlessly as a second skin, conforming to any contour of the face. On contact with the spot, the patented core locks in and absorbs the spot exudate. A moist healing environment is formed, maintaining ideal pH balance, temperature and hydration levels while sealing in repair factors, which leads to faster healing. Pain is reduced as nerve endings are cushioned and protected in this moist condition. The patch swells and turns white overnight as it absorbs exudate giving a visible reduction in redness and inflammation when removed in the morning.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

True Sol Extreme Testrone Review

These give you an amazing amount of energy, they keep you moving all day. When taken correctly these pills help to dramatically reduce belly fat. I noticed a slight change in only after 2 weeks. I wasn't as hungry for some reason either. I don't believe these to curb your appetiete, but they did mine. Every person and situation is different. I also didn't notice any jitters or withdraw like i sometimes get from other pills that promote increased energy. They also help you with muscle recovery. It doesn't seem to take as long as it usually does after working out. I will post a you tube video, My laptop is a bit messed u, darn kid, lol. And I ended up posting a wrong link to this promotion. This is a wonderful company and I hope they except my sincere apologies, and I should have a video review up in just a couple days. Here is a link to their product on Amazon: This is their product description: ~Most Customers Report Results Within 2-3 Weeks - Natural and Pure Ingredients - Dramatic increases in energy - Noticeable reduction of fat in mid section - Improves muscle recovery time - Increased mental focus and clarity

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lunch Bag Hango - Set of Two Sizes (Small &Large) Review.

I really like these two. It comes in a set. One small one large insulated lunch bags. The large can hold a six pack of cans of soda and the smaller you can pack snacks. I like that these come in a dust bag, but the one thing that makes me sad is they said they were pink, I received black ones. I know that is silly, but i love the color pink. BUT even in black these rock. I gave the smaller on to my son for his lunch or snacks, which ever he chooses to pack for the day. I take the large one with me everywhere it hardy leaves my car. Well except to clean it of course. These are just super handy. Even the zippers on them are wonderful quality. Get these,I highly recommend these!!!!! Their product description: Hango - Your Lunch Bag for everywhere. Anytime. The first lunch bag designed for different situations. Here are 5 reasons to choose the Hango as your Lunch Bag: 1. It is a set of TWO SIZES for different occasions. 2. It has THE BEST THERMAL INSULATION SYSTEM - your food is kept longer. 3. Zipper made of stainless steel - much more BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE. 4. High quality material (polyester 300D with high density) and a VERY PRETTY DESIGN. 5. We are the only ones to offer LIFETIME WARRANTY (Order yours now because, literally, THERE IS NO RISK!)

Hydracentials Stylish On the Go Lunch Tote Review.

This is such a stylish and adorable insulated lunch tote bag. It is made from a heavy material that is strong. The handles won't break or pull away from the material. It also has a cute front pocket on it. You can pack your lunch and be happy that it will stay nice and cool all through out the day, even in heat. This lunch tote is stylish enough it can be worn with a dress outfit or even with jeans or shorts. This is their Product Description: Hydracentials Stylish On The Go Lunch Tote is great for ladies on the go and teens to take to school for their lunch- and any time you need to bring your lunch, snacks on the go and keep your perishable items fresh. All the while keeping your style with our Lunch Tote. This Hydracentials Stylish on The Go Lunch Tote Bag will keep everything from sandwiches and vegetables fresh, store plastic lunch containers and frozen entrees these cooler tote bags have interior and exterior linings to keep freshness and avoid leaks. Our front pocket can be used to store utensils and other small items that don not need insulation or cooling.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Fruit Infusion Water Bottle Review + Giveaway.

This is a wonderful invention. There is nothing healthier for you than water and fruit. So what is better than mixing them together. All you do is unscrew the top then the top off the infuser part. Then you fill the infuser tube with your favorite fruit or veggies. I use Strawberries, cucumbers,lemon, cherries, watermelon, ect. Then insert the tube into your water in the water bottle, shake and enjoy. It tastes wonderful and will refresh you on the hottest summer day. This is their product description: WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, BECOME HEALTHIER, SAVE MONEY, AND ACTUALLY ENJOY DRINKING WATER? Our Infuser Water Bottle allows you to acheive all these goals. No more plain, boring water. For less than you'd pay for just a few packs of soda, you can start unleashing the health-benefits of pure and natural water...AND save money doing it! You simply: 1. Unscrew the lid and infusion tube. 2. Fill the infuser tube with your favorite fruit or vegetable and secure lid. 3. Fill the Bottle with water, tea, or any other beverage. 4. Place the infusion tube carefully into the water bottle over the sink. 5. Secure lid to bottle and shake gently. You are then ready to enjoy flavor infused water with ingredients that YOU choose. No artificial sweetners or additives to the creation you make!! You can even try infusing alcohol or use frozen fruit for a really cool drink. Cucumbers infused in water create a "spa like" experience. The possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mr. Reliable Beard Oil - Unscented 1oz - Review.

I had to review this since my fiance decided to grow a full beard in on me, lol. I have been so use to his clean shaven, high and tight looking head that when his beard started to grow in, I didn't recognize this furry mountain man in front of me. Needless to say it does look wonderful on him, and now I refuse to allow him to shave...BUT, it was so course and scratchy I demanded he do something. So I got him this beard oil to try out. This is totally fragrance free and easily absorbs into his skin. It comes in a glass bottle along with a glass dropper top. All he has to do is apply a couple drops of oil into the palm of his hands, rub them together and rub in to his beard. You are to rub this upwards into your beard and into the skin under the beard. It has made his hair less course and it is also so much softer and more handsome, But hey he is already hot, now just even hotter! This is their product description: Mr. Reliable beard oil and conditioner is a 100% organic, fragrance free beard oil blend of premium essential and carrier oils from trusted sources. Whether you have an honest to goodness Amish beard or you are an urban beardsman this beard oil can improve the level of your beard and moustache. Our beard oil was painstakingly hand crafted right here in the USA and our oil also comes with a handy glass dropper so there is no waste. Keeps your beard looking amazing, tamed, and under control. Stay Manly Indications Complaints from you gal, Dry skin, Itchiness from new beard growth, Beardruff (Dandruff from beard), Coarse beard Ingredients 100% Pure Organic Oils: Almond Oil Hemp Seed Oil Jojoba Oil Grapeseed Oil Argan Oil Vitamin E Directions Using the handy dropper, place 4 to 6 drops of oil into palm. Rub upward into beard and into skin under the beard. Distribute evenly throughout the beard. Comb to style as desired and of course, Stay Manly.

Alien Armor Arm Compression Sleeve Review.

The Alien Armor Arm Compression Sleeves work by increasing blood and lymphatic flow. But their main use is to keep your arm muscles nice and warm so they don't get strained or fatigued. They focuses your muscles energy to generate maximum explosive power, acceleration and long-term endurance while delivering increased power and stamina. These are made with really good strechy fabric and are nice and warm but also prevent moisture from keeping you skin slick with sweat or water. They help improve circulation. This is their product description: Alien Armor - Arm Compression and Performance Sleeves (Pair) Alien Armor Arm Compression Sleeves work by increasing blood and lymphatic flow. In sports, the garments are designed to improve performance and expedite recovery. The main benefits of Alien Armor Arm compression sleeves is to keep your muscles warm to prevent muscle strain and fatigue.Increased Power and Stamina For Athletes or Individuals Alien Armor Arm Compression Sleeves focuses your muscles energy to generate maximum explosive power, acceleration and long-term endurance while delivering increased power and stamina. Alien Armor Compression Gear Specifically Designed For: Designed For Cycling, Football, MMA, Running, Basketball, Soccer, Weight Training, Body Building, Crossfit Training and all Ball Sports. Also Helps with Tennis Elbow, Tendonitis and Arm or Elbow Pain. The Benefits of Alien Armor Compression Sleeves * Innovative Design That Conforms to the Body's Natural Contour. * Superior Design and UV Protection for Years of Use. * Superior Moisture Management That Keeps You Warm and Dry. * Alien Armor Compression Fabric Reduces Soreness, Cramping and Fatigue. * Designed by a Team of Sports Professionals. Alien Armor Compression Sleeve Highlights: * Increased Power * Increased Stamina * Increased Endurance * Increased Circulation * Increased Recovery * 4D Compression

Oral Stericlean Uv Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer, Review.

This is an awesome device to keep yours and all your families toothbrushes nice and clean and sterilized and free from bacteria. All you do is put your toothbrush in the container, close the lid and a UV light comes on an sterilizes your brush, even the heads off the electric ones. Why is this good? this is good because mouth disease can cause a number of serious health problems. It uses 99% of the UV rays to kill the bacteria. This is wonderful if you travel or even for daily use at home.When you put your toothbrush in the light will stay on between 5-7 minutes then shut off. I think this is a wonderful invention, and I am so happy I got to review this. Get yourself one today. Their product description: FDA Registration Number: 3010046232 - FDA Listed Medical Device: Oral SteriClean Oral SteriClean UV Portable Sanitizer is proven to kill harmful bacteria that causes infectious diseases, heart disease, stroke, respiratory infections, blood infections, ulcers, GI tract infections, gum disease, cavities & life threatening diseases! • Oral SteriClean is manufactured in FDA registered facilities under manufacturing certifications that are specific to medical devices which follow stricter regulations to assure safety & effectiveness! #1 Clinically tested and proven to kill the most aggressive bacteria, more than any other UV Sanitizer! • Oral SteriClean is the only UV Toothbrush Sanitizer on the market with proven clinical data! Stores & sanitizes a single toothbrush, electric head, durable, perfect for travel, made for children, teenagers, students, adults, & the elderly! Made for the healthy, the ill, the immunosuppressed, anyone that wants to live a life free from disease! • Oral SteriClean is the strongest UV Toothbrush Sanitizer! Oral SteriClean UV Toothbrush Sanitizers are not used just to keep our mouth healthy, there are used to keep our entire body, heart, lungs, and other vital organs healthy! Most of the bacteria on our toothbrush cause heart disease, stroke, infectious endocarditis, meningitis, respiratory infections, pneumonia, blood infections, ear infections, eye infections, life threatening diseases, ulcers, GI Tract infections, gum disease, cavities, and much more! Oral SteriClean is the only sanitizer that has proven clinical data and truly works! Place your toothbrush in the sanitizer, it automatically turns on and off. It's that simple! ( Your toothbrush harbors as many as 100 million bacteria, this bacteria affects all the organs of the body. -England's University of Manchester, 2012 ) ( 70 % toothbrushes are heavily contaminated with microorganisms affecting our heart and making us sick -New York State Dental Journal , 2012 ) ( "Even after being rinsed visibly clean , toothbrushes can remain contaminated with potentially pathogenic organisms" " -The Centers for Disease Control ) ( "The aerosol effect, a cloud of tiny droplets containing fecal bacteria travels far outside the toilet when flushed and lands on your toothbrush" "Toilet bacteria travels up to 15 feet and can live on surfaces up to a week". -Dr. Mehmet Oz Jan. 2013 ) Oral SteriClean is the #1 clinically tested and proven UV Toothbrush Sanitizer recommended by medical and dental professionals! Oral SteriClean UV Portable Traveler Sanitizer was the stocking stuffer of 2012 and nominated for one of the best health products of 2013! Published by Dentistry IQ, Journal RDH magazine, The Tatum Times, Bio Portfolio, and Bio Medicine, Oral SteriClean is the recommended UV Toothbrush Sanitizer for every household! Don't be fooled by other UV sanitizers, some don't even have clinical data to support their products and others only are able to reduce the bacteria causing the common cold!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Syono Gel Insoles Review.

These insoles are orthopedic insoles and they help you with aleiveating pain in your body and to add extra cushioning for your feet. They absorb shock of every day motion. These are wonderful for if you are on your feet a lot. They come a bit large so you can cut them to the perfect size. This is their product description: The Syono Orthotic Shoe Inserts and Gel Insoles are a set of orthotic insoles and inserts that provide cushioning and support to alleviate pain throughout your body. They absorb the shock your feet receive from everyday motion. Walking, running, and standing become easier and less painful. Syono Orthotic Shoe Inserts and Gel Insoles are highly recommended for those who stand or walk on hard surfaces all day, those who have constant or recurring foot and heel pain such as plantar fasciitis, and those who would like to get the most out of their day without accumulating the damage done to our feet by daily activities. Every insole comes over-sized so you can cut them to whatever size you desire.

Elite Fat Burner Review

These fat burners help you to break down fat, increase mental focus and increase energy and kills your appetite, well at least it did mine. All you have to do is take one dose a day of these liquid caps and you will feel the heat burning through all your stubborn fat. I like these alot. I take them at breakfast and they give me all day energy and really don't make me hungry at all. Some days I even need to remember to eat. I don't get any jitters or queasy stomach. These really do work and are a great aide if your trying to loose weight. This is their product description: YOUR SEARCH FOR AN ELITE THERMOGENIC HYPER METABOLIZER IS OVERElite Fat Burner is a new thermogenic formula that helps break down fat, increases energy and mental focus, decreases appetite, and promotes weight loss. The "Feel-Good" Fat Burner Known as a "feel good" formula, Elite Fat Burner does more than simply burn fat. It promotes weight loss while increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain. This improves overall well-being and mental focus. True Thermogenic Formula: Thermogenic ingredients create heat which burns calories from fat tissue. Through the process of metabolic stimulation, your body could burn more calories than it normally would, resulting in weight loss. One Dose, Once a Day: This blend of ingredients is now available in a single-dose formula for easy daily use. Liquid Formula: Our new liquid formula allows the ingredients to be absorbed quickly and give you the advantage you need. The NEW Elite Fat Burner uses new technology to give you the same potent dose in liquid gelcap form. OUR SPECIAL BLEND OF HIGHLY-PRAISED INGREDIENTS IS NOW AVAILABLE IN A POWERFUL LIQUID CAPSULE THAT WILL GIVE YOU A NOTICEABLE ENERGY AND METABOLISM BOOST.Why Should You Try Elite Fat Burner? • Our unique 3-blend formula helps to boost your metabolism so you convert fat to energy, resulting in weight loss and increased stamina and focus. • Guaranteed to work for you! We stand behind our product and believe you will see fantastic results or we will graciously refund your money. • Made in the U.S.A.: Vitamin Elite products are manufactured in the U.S. in a facility that is GMP certified by NSF with FDA-compliant equipment.

B12 Energy Patch Review

Vitamin B12 is like Superfood for your body. These patches are about the size of a dime and look like a chocolate chip cookie to me, lol. These absorb through the skin and your body greedly soaks it up. You can wear one patch for up to a week, and it will provide you with energy without having to take extra pills and supplements. They do not cause jitters or an upset queasy stomach. They state: B12 is used for increased energy, reduced fatigue, decreased memory loss, boosting mood, increased concentration, improving the immune system and slowing aging plus B12 is required by the body for proper function and development of the brain, nerves, and blood cells. It's now wonder B12 has been called the ultimate superfood for the body! This is their product description: B12 Patch PRODUCT DESCRIPTION #INCREASEDENERGY! B12 Love patches are absorbed through the skin = increasing efficiency bypassing inefficient nutrient absorption in the stomach. One patch gives you energy for the week without having to remember to pop pills or risk and upset stomach. #SAVEMONEY & BETTER than pills. B12 pills have less than a 2% absorption rate which means if you take a 5,000 MCG pill you absorb less than 100 MCG. The B12 Patch is 1200 MCG and absorbs directly into your body. 1200 > 100. Bet the B12 Pills did not mention that fact. #SUPERIOR Quality with 1200 Mcg B12 (methylcobalamin) and 400 Mcg Folic Acid with super easy to use patches. B12 is used for increased energy, reduced fatigue, decreased memory loss, boosting mood, increased concentration, improving the immune system and slowing aging plus B12 is required by the body for proper function and development of the brain, nerves, and blood cells. It's now wonder B12 has been called the ultimate superfood for the body! #SCIENCE of B12 LOVE Patches: Methylcobalamin (methyl B12) is the ONLY form of vitamin B12 that is a direct participant in homocysteine metabolism. When B12 is taken orally studies have shown that only about 1% of the B12 makes it into the bloodstream. B12 LOVE patches with 1200 Mcg methyl B12 are more effective than "high potency" B12 pills that have a less than a 2% absorption rate.

Calf Compression Sleeves Review

These are wonderful if you spend a lot of time all day on your feet. They reduce the pressure and ease muscle soreness. They come in one size and they stretch pretty good to make a snug fit. But do not stretch so much they loose their shape and elasticity. They have a reflective design so you are more visible in low light. These work very well. My legs and calves feel alot better since I have been using these. They also prevent shin splints and reduce muscle soreness. This is their product description: Our product currently has one size, is for men and women, and will fit anyone with calf circumferences between 11 and 16 inches. Our calf compression sleeves use true graduated compression to improve the performance of one's workouts by stabilizing the lower leg muscles and improving blood flow. They're also great for use when standing on your feet all day (ie waitresses, nurses, cashiers, teachers, etc). They prevent shin splints and reduce muscle soreness. Moreover, our calf sleeves feature a reflective design that improves visibility and adds safety to any low-light workout. This is something that almost NO other calf sleeve companies offer. Please click our Amazon link to see a further description of the product. Product link:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Toeless Yoga Socks Bella Style Non Slip (Black) Review

These are the most comfortable yoga socks I own. My toes are free to preform many different yoga positions that require use of your piggies. On the bottom they have these awesome little black nobbies to help you have better traction and control, without slipping and falling on your face, or butt. These are wonderful even to just wear around the house and well for feet health reasons when doing group yoga or pilates. I really suggest you get a pair, they really are super soft and are made of a sturdy cloth material. I really do adore these. **** ALSO: these are hand washable, I don't recommend putting these in the washer. This is their product description: ocus on the Yoga Positions and Stop Worrying About Slipping"It is a well know fact that when danger and worry is removed, a person can naturally become better and will learn at an advanced pace..."Benefits of Wearing PurSabino Yoga Socks: * Kick the yoga mat to the side and go solo with your yoga socks! (No need for a yoga mat) * Eliminate the danger of slipping with our ultra-grip soles that support even the most strenuous yoga, aerobic, dance or Pilates sessions. * Your foot stays dry, comfortable and allowed to breathe. * Increase your balance and ability to learn the most strenuous yoga stances. * Easy to clean. Hand wash them, lay flat, let dry. Great for a person on the go! * A good barrier between your foot, bacteria and fungi. * Use in the yoga studio, hotel room, train, car and more. * Strengthen your foot and toes. * Relieve foot pain and over exertion. * Form fitting Bella Yoga Socks with toeless design promote better flexibility and range of motion in your toes. * Slip-resistant tread on the sole provides excellent control, traction and helps keep you balanced and stable (superior grip). * Perfect for traveling without a mat. Perfect for Pilates, Yoga or just lounging around the house. * A great hygienic alternative to practicing barefoot, protecting feet from exposure to foot fungus in public studios. * Keep your feet warm on cold morning workouts. The half toe design lets your toes breathe and takes advantage of the best grips you already have - your own toes. * Bella Half Toe Sock - Small/Medium... Fits WOMAN'S SHOE SIZE (5 - 10) and MEN'S SHOE SIZE (4 -9) Grab your pair today or you and your piggy toes will be unhappy. Happy feet wear Toeless Yoga Socks by PurSabino! *****Their Amazon link to their product:

Brilliant White Liquid Chalk Markers

pm21e8cadba9839cd22bc29597866632e3 I really like these white chalk markers. The white really is bright and brilliant. They have a precision tip which make writing easier than with a piece of chalk.You can use these to write on almost anything, from cars to projectors to windows to you name it as long as it is a non porous surface. These are very handy and I love them. I use them anywhere I can think of, that is NON POROUS! **** This is the link to get your- ***This is their product description: Brilliant White Liquid Chalk Markers By Colore - 6mm Bullet/Chisel Tip (2 Pack) MARK WITH MORE PRECISION USING COLORE CHALK MARKER! That, the success of a presentation takes more than just the prepared content is not debatable! The kind of chalk markers you use also matter a lot. When doing any kind of presentation, you need the highest quality markers in order to guarantee clarity. The Colore Chalk Marker is the best answer for you, this marker is sure to produce great results. Some situations where the chalk marker will come in handy: - Restaurants and grocery stores, with non-porous menu boards and windows. - Corporate world, with business project presentations. - Home, when you need to mark something on the fridge or mirrors. In a nutshell, this multipurpose marker serves everyone. Here are some of the features that make it unique: - A 6mm interchangeable between bullet and chisel tip, which enables you to mark and write with precision. - Very enhanced versatility, enabling use on all non-porous surfaces, including glasses and white boards. - Complete liquid chalk, without dust on your hands. - Includes Two White Chalk Markers, so you don't run out of supply when working on your project. IMPORTANT NOTE: Use Colore Chalk Markers on non-porous surfaces. Not suitable on most chalkboards, because of it's porous surfaces. Test on a small area first to see if it wipes off, before continuing on your project. Whether you are a teacher, a student or a workman, Colore Chalk Marker is the only tool you should always have with you. You never know when it will come in handy. Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm21e8cadba9839cd22bc29597866632e3

SOFTY -Individually Wrapped Hand Sanitizing Wipes Review

I really like these wipes, they are individually hand wrapped for portability. They smell amazing and really do clean any surface and even your skin, with jus one wipe usually, depending on what you are cleaning. I suggest you get these. They really are a great wipe. They are large and soft. This is their product description: We sell alcohol-free hand sanitizing wipes that can be used to clean hands, body, and surfaces. They are the largest and softest sanitizer wipes on the market.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

RFID Blocking Sleeves, BLOCKIT Credit Card Review

I got this blocking credit card sleeve to review. It is supposed to stop and block RFID signals. It is very light weight, it is also very durable cardboard. The only problem I had with it is it is a tight fit getting your card in and out of it. It isn't bulky and will fit right inside your wallet or pocket. All in all a very good product, I still use it! Their product description: Genuine BLOCKIT Anti-Theft RFID Signal Blocking Protection Sleeves High Quality Product, Expensive Copper/Aluminum Material FIPS 201 Approved by the US Government as Electromagnetically Opaque Shield * Also it comes in a couple different colors and patterns. I got the black one, and it is pretty nice.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fox Brim Perfectly Natural Soap [100% Natural 98% Organic]

FoxBrim is another one of my favorite lines of beauty products. This review is for their Perfectly Natural Soap. This soap is wonderful and it really cleanses your skin. You can feel the clean after you use this. It comes in a wonderful pump bottle. You can use this morning and night without drying out your skin. This soap can be used on not only your face but also your body if you so choose. It is fragrance free and dye free. I will be using this soap for a long time to come. One of the best out there. Their product description: Perfectly Natural Soap - 100% Natural & 98% Organic Perfectly Natural Soap brings you a wonderful mix of 100% all-natural botanical ingredients to effectively cleanse skin. Ecologically simple and pleasant to skin, you'll enjoy a powerful yet gentle cleanse. Absolutely no additives, fragrances, synthetics or harsh chemicals used. The soap we've been asked to create is finally here. Perfect for face and body. Perfect for use both morning and night. Perfectly Natural Soap by Foxbrim.

True Sol NO2 Review

This promotes muscle growth and will help also boost muscle growth. These pills are good if you work out or lift. They give you the extra "boost" you need and also help with giving you more energy without the shakes and jitters. You will be able to get more reps and have more strength. These are wonderful for when you hit the gym. Their product description: Used by athletes, bodybuilders, and healthy people everywhere, Sheer Strength NO2 boosts muscle growth while being good for your heart and immune system. Sheer Strength NO2 helps your body produce more nitric oxide, giving you more energy, more explosiveness, a healthy heart, and boosted strength. This nitric oxide booster contains ingredients that says are involved in "wound healing, helping the kidneys remove waste products from the body, [and] maintaining immune and hormone function." They have also been featured on TV as a powerful and natural way to increase reps and strength in the gym.

Body Merry 2.5% Retinol Moisturizer

I love the Body Merry line, it is one of my favorites. This moisturizer works extremely well and it will not dry out your face. It contains 2.5 retinol, so it also helps with bringing your youth back. It will help fade signs of aging but will also help give you a flawless face. It is a light weight lotion that is easily absorbed into your skin, with out leaving a greasy feeling. This is their product description: Body Merry's Retinol Surge Moisturizer contains 2.5% Retinol, which has time and again proven itself to be a potent youth reviving ingredient. This unique formulation is specially designed for you to be able to get the most out of this wonder ingredient, without suffering from any dryness or irritation that is typically associated with the use of Retinol. The cream also contains Plant Derived Hyaluronic Acid, which nourishes and hydrates your skin. Wildcrafted Green Tea, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and Shea Butter add their goodness to create a formula that is potent and proven to show results. This moisturizer not only effectively addresses wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and other signs of aging, but also helps to provide a flawless tone and texture by working its charm on discoloration, acne and other marks, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Both men and women can use this moisturizer, and it is designed to work well for all skin types.