Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Clear Globe String Lights - Indoor & Outdoor Use

I adore these little clear globe lights. I wrapped mine around the wrought iron in my head board to my bed, It looks so pretty and gives off such a clear bright light. You can also use these outdoors, but i didn't. These are cute and sturdy and I highly recommend them to others. This is their product description: Clear G40 Globe Indoor / Outdoor String Lights - Add a Warm Glow to Your Patio, Wedding, Party or Bedroom - 25 Incandescent Bulbs Per Set Use a set of BrillanteTM string lights to: -Decorate your patio, deck or pergola -Hang at Christmas-time -Provide pleasant lighting for your wedding reception -String around an arbor or al fresco cafe dining area -Create a warm, welcoming indoor environment (living room, bedroom etc)

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