Thursday, March 5, 2015

Huge 4oz. 100% Organic, Fragrance Free Beard Oil Review.

I wanted to review this for my fiance. He complained his beard was stabbing him, and wasn't feeling too good on his face. So he shaved it all off, and well... I didn't like it, so he grew it back and I asked him to try this Beard oil out. He hasn't shaved again, Thank God, lol. It has left his hair soft and shiny. I don't like when beards get curly on men and look messy, this allows his hair to lay flat and omg it it so soft. He really does like this stuff, oh and its not greasy and really oily! This is their product description: SOFTENS BEARD & SMOOTH'S COARSE HAIR - Leaves your beard soft to the touch and smooth's coarse facial hair. Keeps your beard knotless and more manageable. Are you sick and tired of your prickly beard hurting your lady? It's time for you to put the "Too prickly!" and "Too scratchy!" complaints to bed. SOOTHES ITCH, RIDS BEARDRUFF & PRODUCES A RICH, HEALTHY SHINE - Relieves persistent beard itch and gets rid of beard dandruff by completely moisturizing your beard and the skin beneath. Gives your beard a luxurious, healthy shine without leaving it feeling greasy or oily. FOUR TIMES LARGER THAN MOST - Our beard oil contains the finest, all natural ingredients and is 4 times the size of most other bottles. You deserve the best value and your beard deserves the best oil. FRAGRANCE FREE & 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Perfect for the man who doesn't want to smell like a fruit basket. Our beard oil is 100% pure and certified organic, USDA and Ecocert approved. Never tested on animals. Contains Organic Jojoba and Argan Oil only. Huge 4 oz. bottle which is 4 times the size of most, yet it's not 4 times the price.

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