Thursday, January 15, 2015

Paracord Survival Bracelet Review.

Now this is was extremely excited to review, due to most of my family being military, active and retired. It is thick and sturdy, which proves to me it will last and uphold its worth. It has a saw, firestarter and reflective strips. You never know when an emergency will strike, so when it does I am prepared for it. I love this bracelet and it has upheld all they said it was, I give it 2 thumbs up, you better go get yourselves one quickly! This is their product description: "This 4-in-1 Survival Bracelet Could Save Your Life" Over 92% of people don't plan for emergency situations. They don't believe it could happen to them. They believe common sense and being careful are enough. It isn't. Deadly situations can happen to very smart and very prepared people. Proper planning can and will save your life. This survival bracelet offers the following life-saving tools: - 16 feet of very strong, military-style parachute cord - Serrated wood saw designed to rip through wood with ease - Fire Starter Rod. Easily create a shower of molten sparks: simply run buckle firmly/quickly against rod. - Rope has built-in reflective strands to stand out even in the faintest light Possible Life-Saving Examples: Fire Starter Rod - Starting fires for warmth, food, boiling water, cauterizing wounds, etc.. - Signalling for help with ultra-bright sparks - Scaring off animals Rope - Make a tourniquet to slow down/stop bleeding - Make a splint/arm sling - Use individual strands for a fishing line - Support a simple shelter - Help climbing up/down steep slopes Saw - Fashion Spears - Alter gear - Saw branches to size for tools, gear, first aid, etc... Reflective Stitching - Get noticed and found in the dark quicker - Tie around branches to leave an easily spotted "breadcrumb" trail 100% Lifetime Guarantee: Return for ANY reason at ANY time. Your complete satisfaction is our only goal.

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